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Using appropriate pruning practices we can achieve a range of outcomes, along with efficiently removing large limbs that require attention.
Crown Reduction – involves reducing the height of the tree to allow more light into property, or restore your views while maintaining the shape of the crown.

Crown Thinning - involves pruning out branches throughout the tree to open up the tree to allow more light through and open up views, while still maintaining the natural look and shape of the tree.

Crown Lifting - involves pruning off the lower limbs of the tree to raise the canopy higher. This can increase light, views and increase the aesthetic appeal of the tree.

Some reasons for pruning include:
Avoiding property damage from branches Improving tree structure Increasing aesthetic appeal
Extending the tree's life Identifying high risk branches
Tree work can be dangerous to do yourself.
An arborist has undertaken considerable qualifications and training to become an expert in the field.
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